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August 20, 2017
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August 20, 2017

For your argumentative essay, you would need to zero in on one of the many argumentative essay examples or argumentative essay topics. You must ensure that your chosen topic is an arguable issue, which eventually means that it is a topic that different people have different viewpoints about. While you peruse through the information on a specific issue, you need to narrow down your topic into a single statement that outlines your position. This may be a claim of “definition,” “fact,” “value,” “policy,” or “cause.”

Argumentative Essay Examples

Mentioned below is a list of examples of argumentative essay. These topics of argumentative essay are segregated into broad subjects, including Technology, Education, Social Issues, and Environmental Issues. Therefore, let’s get started.

(I) Argumentative Essay Topics on Technology

  1. Is the use of social media too much when it comes to marketing, business, and personal fields?
  2. Is the introduction of computers in elementary schools a positive thing?
  3. Is the growth in the usage of the Internet a positive or negative sign?
  4. Has the growing trend of online studies diminished the value of traditional classroom learning?
  5. Are video games a viable teaching tool in the future?
  6. Should individuals agree to the usage of identity chips?
  7. Does the rapid rise in tactical and military technology need to be checked?
  8. The usage of technology when it comes to organ transplantation.
  9. Has the usage of mobile phones from a young age diminished the need to go outdoors and have face-to-face interactions?
  10. The usage of technology when it comes to cloning animals and human beings.
  11. The increase in the role of robotics in our everyday lives.
  12. Is the dependence on technology too much when it comes to running a business?
  13. Is it a good idea to use drones in order to conduct projects beyond military purposes?
  14. Is it ethical to utilize technology to develop a child free of diseases?
  15. Has genetic testing on human beings altered the way we confront diseases in positive ways?
  16. Is the possibility of cars driving themselves a positive sign?
  17. Can the rise in the usage of technology be blamed for the increase in mental disorders?
  18. Has technology radically changed the way we use and read books?
  19. At what age should an individual be introduced to the world of computers and mobile phones?
  20. Is the usage of genetically modified ingredients good for the human body, and will it become a major source of nutrition?
  21. Will the Internet become obsolete?
  22. Are 3D printers used efficiently in today’s digital age?
  23. Do video games depicting violence result in violent behavior in children?
  24. Mobile phones have impacted our relationships.
  25. Computers are transforming ways in which human beings think.
  26. Emails, texts, and mobile phones are not as effective as talking face to face.
  27. Textbooks need to be replaced by iPads and several other online resources.
  28. What laws need to be implemented when it comes to mobile phone use in cars?
  29. In what manner is social media radically transforming family relationships?
  30. Should parents restrict usage of social media when it comes to teenagers?
  31. What privacy policies need to be upheld by social media sites?
  32. Nanotechnology and its applications as well as possible uses in the near future.
  33. Mobile phone use and texting have decreased the concentration and focus levels in young individuals
  34. Mobile phones have transformed the way humans relate to others in positive ways.
  35. In what manner are online technologies transforming our lives?
  36. In what manner is technology altering our definition of what it precisely means to be a human being?
  37. What college students should and should not post on Facebook?
  38. Should human embryos be the subject of experiments carried out by scientists?

(II) Argumentative Essay Topics on Education

  1. Should school children mandatorily learn a second or third language at a young age?
  2. Should children attend school from a much younger age?
  3. Does testing on a statewide basis truly increase knowledge possessed by students?
  4. Has the need arose for colleges to reduce dependence on ACT and SAT scores when it comes to admissions?
  5. Is the present homework assigned to students too much?
  6. Do teachers need to undergo regular tests to make sure they are competent?
  7. Do lessons need to made more frequent and shorter in order to assist students in studying?
  8. Does the school day need to commence and conclude later or earlier?
  9. Has the time arrived for schools to make the most of latest technology, including tablets and laptops, to assist in educating young children regarding modern technology?
  10. Do students need to be separated for single-gender classes?
  11. Do parents need to play a more active role when it comes to their children’s education?
  12. Do teachers require such long holidays?
  13. Should the United States inculcate an educational system similar to the one used in Europe?
  14. What precisely causes students to successfully graduate from high school without elementary skills?
  15. How do students from America effectively compare with those from other countries?
  16. What is the role of technology in today’s educational system?
  17. When it comes to liberal arts education what is the primary value?
  18. Should students enroll for foreign language courses?
  19. Has learning improved by the addition of days to the school year?
  20. Do schools need to spend money when it comes to fine arts?
  21. How should non-native English speaking students be educated in public schools?
  22. Do college athletes need to be paid?
  23. Does compulsory education need to be changed so that students continue studying in schools till they are older?
  24. Must higher education be free for all students?
  25. Do schools need to introduce practical subjects which will be more useful to students when they get older?
  26. Do exams and testing in schools need to be abolished?
  27. Should schools be held responsible for bad grades earned by students?\
  28. Should incompetent schools be punished heavily?
  29. Has the time arrived for American teachers and schools’ security personnel to be armed?
  30. What are the advantages of home schooling in comparison with traditional schooling?
  31. Are iPad classrooms a negative or positive sign?
  32. Should students be assigned the task of community service as a pre-requisite to graduation?
  33. Do we require a national high school examination?
  34. Is private school tuition regarding elementary, high school, and college actually worth it?
  35. Should students get rewards for excellent attendance records?
  36. Should corporal punishment be utilized to inculcate discipline in students?
  37. Has the time come to reform the school system in the country?

(III) Argumentative Essay Topics on Social Issues

  1. Do children need to have scheduled activities or be given extra time for free play?
  2. The causes for increase in childhood obesity.
  3. Is religious persecution a reality?
  4. Should parents be allowed to produce “designer” babies?
  5. What are the steps that can be implemented for reducing unemployment among African-American men?
  6. Do churches need to work harder in order to be multi-racial?
  7. What value can be gained in knowing your ethnic and cultural background?
  8. Are there ways to reduce occurrences of abortion without legislation?
  9. Does the racial background of police officers impact their performance on their job?
  10. Does a police department’s racial make-up be identical to the community in which they serve?
  11. In what manner can pro-choice and pro-life groups work closely together?
  12. In what ways do governments justify war?
  13. When it comes to American identity, how important is race?
  14. What makes a truly beautiful person?
  15. Do video games have advantages or disadvantages?
  16. Are beauty contests beneficial for young girls?
  17. Are participation certificates in athletics a smart idea?
  18. Are overbearing parents harmful or helpful when it comes to sports?
  19. Should young children be introduced to participate in athletics?
  20. What encouragement should be given to children to lead an active lifestyle?
  21. Should people devoted to welfare activities be subject to drug testing?
  22. Why do a majority of celebrities have enormous life problems?
  23. Should coverage by media be subject to regulations?
  24. What is the role played by media coverage when it comes to elections?
  25. What is human trafficking and its dangers?
  26. What are the ways to put an end to human trafficking?
  27. In what way do elected female officials differ from their male counterparts?
  28. How vital is it to have equal representation of races and genders in political office?
  29. In what manner can we support females to be elected to political offices?
  30. In what way do we get more members from the minority community to become police officers?
  31. How can the privileges and rights of writers and artists be protected on the Internet?
  32. Why do people need to pay for their music?
  33. Should the minimum wage allocated be lowered or raised?
  34. In what way can we tackle the problem of illegal immigration?
  35. Would a fence along the border solve the problem of illegal immigration in the United States?
  36. Can we put an end to the possibility of war?
  37. Has the time arrived for Barbie to be banned?
  38. Should reality television shows be subject to regulations?

(IV) Argumentative Essay Topics on Environmental Issues

  1. What are the primary reasons for the present lack of interest when it comes to rising global temperatures?
  2. We do not recycle as much as we have the ability to do so.
  3. How will the increase in worldwide population affect our planet?
  4. What steps can be undertaken to put a stop to poaching of animals belonging to endangered species?
  5. What are the problems regarding global warming and what can be done about it?
  6. How can there be an ultimate resolution when it comes to the environment versus economy debate?
  7. How can we ensure to provide clean drinking water to everyone?
  8. In what way can we make citizens responsible when it comes to their local environment?
  9. What actions do manufacturers need to undertake to clean up the nation?
  10. What are the responsibilities of an American when it comes to providing clean drinking water to other countries?
  11. What are the advantages and disadvantages of hunting?
  12. State the hazards of unclean water.
  13. What steps need to be undertaken by Americans to put an end to global pollution?
  14. In what manner do we encourage individuals to recycle more?
  15. In what way does global warming increase the possibility of disease in the United States?
  16. What should the government do more to put an end to the dependence on non-renewable sources of energy
  17. Should citizens face more stringent penalties because of littering?
  18. Should companies found guilty of dumping toxic waste be shut down?
  19. Should households in the United States do more to recycle waste?
  20. Is the U.S. doing enough in order to reduce carbon dioxide emissions?
  21. Are human beings accountable for climate change?
  22. Are cheap goods worth the risk of environmental damage that is caused to manufacture them?
  23. Do hybrid cars live up to the expectations as environmentally friendly vehicles?
  24. Should the U.S. set a fine example for other countries regarding putting an end to pollution?
  25. Is the nuclear waste produced by nuclear power stations and nuclear submarines disposed in a safe manner?
  26. Should automobile owners cough up more in taxes because of environmental damage caused by air pollution?
  27. Should all future automobiles be hybrid vehicles in order to minimize pollution and environmental damage?
  28. Are individuals overly concerned regarding environmental effects when it comes to nuclear power?
  29. Should all U.S. citizens travel by public transportation?
  30. Should the U.S. government make travel through public transportation free to curb pollution?
  31. Possessing more than two cars per family must be banned.
  32. What are the drastic punishments that can be imposed to put an end to littering?
  33. Is it practical to continue manufacturing cheap goods?
  34. What are the dangers to the ocean habitat on account of oil spills?
  35. What are the most damaging activities that humans do to the environment that are deemed necessary for survival?
  36. State the relationship between pollution and health.
  37. In what manner does the present trend of extinction of species compares in relation to the past?

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