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September 22, 2017
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September 22, 2017

It’s been happening to you every now and then – you are nearing your programming assignment deadline and you don’t have anything ready but an error message (hours of hard work going down the drain). But you don’t have to feel ‘abandoned’ or even ‘needy’. Our programming assignment experts had experienced exactly the same when they were students. They are aware of the bad times that programming students invariably fall into. This is the reason our skilled and experienced experts have come up with the secret of writing a truly brilliant programming assignment.

How to nail a Programming Assignment?

The programming experts, associated with us, here share their accounts of dealing with assignment writing problems and equip students with appropriate tools to overcome these academic issues.

1. Do not use Pen and Paper

Do you feel safe or creative when you have a pen and paper in your hands? Stop kidding! You are coding to build a program, not writing a story. One of our programming experts, James Orland, Master in Computer Science from La Trobe University, faced the same dilemma in his college years. “I used to write codes on a piece of paper using a pen; it used to make me feel more productive. But it takes more time than you can imagine. So I gradually had to overcome this habit.”

2. Giving up Easily Should not be your Attitude

Tell that to a student who has spent a whole day on churning out the codes, but nothing good came out. “Only a programmer can understand the hardship of getting a program right in first few attempts,” our programming expert Justin Tart, a former programmer at a multinational company, underwent the same situation in the past. “Once, I spent a whole day to understand an error message. It was maddening. I left the job out of sheer irritation. But as the deadline was nearing, I gave it a last try after an hour. It worked. So my advice to novices is, ‘Leave the task if you have a dead end, but come back to it after an hour or so.’”

3. Don’t waste Time on Something Impossible

Programmers proudly say, ‘nothing is impossible in coding’. Not really. Things get tougher when you have a sword of deadline dangling on your head. You try to compile the program as soon as you can and run the testing. If you get lucky, the program runs well without generating an error message, otherwise, you are likely to stare at error codes or messages in order to understand them. Our programming assignment writing help expert, Joshua Evans, master in programming, comments: “One of my senior advised me not to take the risk of fixing programs, which seem to be off the track. This piece of advice has saved me from a lot of suffering.”

4. Do some Random Stuff

Coding is a methodological process of writing a program. In coding, there is no place of random actions or stuff. But our expert Patrick Knight has a different perspective, “I got rid of numerous bugs by simply writing the same code in different ways or making some random changes in the coding. It makes the bugs disappear by itself.” Students, who want to debug the program, can try this trick. If it does not help, they have to understand what caused it and take necessary actions regarding it.

5. Do as your Professors Say

First, it is important that you as a student understand what is expected of you. Professors generally want students to write comments to explain the significance of taken actions. On the other hand, professional programmers do not document the program because they think there is no point documenting a program that does not exist One of our most efficient programming experts Jonathan Watss remark on this issue, “I always explain my actions while writing a program so that students can understand the process of coding the program. Students should do it because it helps the program become self-explanatory for the audience.”


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